It all started with a secret recipe…

Vivo is a young American brand with a vibrant and exciting thematic setting that caters to the ever changing lifestyle of the next generation of consumers. From the secret recipe to the traditional method of baking of the Horrigan family, we’ve lovingly perfected this art of 30 years into an exceptional Vivo-licious experience.

…30 years ago.

You would be pleased to know that 100% mozzarella cheese are generously spread on all Vivo pizzas and baked dishes for consistency and full flavor, guaranteed to deliver the most tantalizing of tease for your tastebud in familiar flavors you’ve grown to love.

It not just taste better, it’s 33% bigger.

In addition to the taste, Vivo also gives you more value for money compared to the nearest competition out there. All of our Vivo pizzas are made 33% bigger than any other pizzas in the market — a sure way of satisfying even the biggest of all appetites.

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